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What is DrawMyBase ?

DrawMyBase is an online SQL table generating tool, developped by a french team of web developper (Sorry if our english is not perfect...). We got the idea by reading the comments of this nice article.

You create your table and the associated fields. Then you embed your table schema in your blog, website, etc. So your visitors can see nice tables and have the possibility to copy the SQL code directly ! see the example below.

And you can come back any time to modify it, without any need of logging.

We are currently working on offering more SQL languages support and some other nice features.

Let's create a table now.

Example ?

Here is how you can see a table embed in your site. Hover it to see the features and try to show the SQL code by cliking on , or the embed code with .

You like what you see ? just create your own.

How it works

When you create a table, you can either send it or embed it in your website.

With the , you will get the link to send it.

With the , you will get the HTML code to embed it. Feel free to adapt the css we put to fit with your design.

And with the , you will get some MySQL code to create the table in your database.

In order to offer nice SQL code to your visitors, you can add "tip" to your fields. And how you write them will change the SQL code.

There are actually some keywords we detect :

"primary" will define your field as a primary key. And the first Integer with a "primary" tip will receive the "auto increment" option.

"tiny", "small" , "medium", etc. may change the type of your field. For example "int" to "smallint".

Try to write a number when you create a Varchar field and it will define its length.

You can precise the type of the field too. For example, when you choose "date", you can precise "time", "datetime" or "year".

Feel free to try some and tell us if you think some options are missing. We are working on other fields options support but we want to keep it the simplest.

Totaly free ?

This tool is free to use and free to share on your favorite network :)

If you want to propose a new feature or tell us what you think about this tool, feel free to write us at hello@drawmyba.se.

Draw my Base License.